First Time We Met 

First time we met,

I did not believe my eyes,

It was like I was at an intersection,
Of reality and sleepy dreaming.
And I knew I wanted to be with you,
Not knowing that you too wanted to be with me.

The first time we held each other,
In my arms you melted.
And molded yourself against me.
We twined tight against each other,
Like creepers and trees,
In the cool Mt Kenya rainforest .
I knew then that you were real.

The first time that we kissed,
We shared passions and hopes,
Of being together one day.
And told the stories of the future.
A future of sitting at the porch in love,
As our grandchildren dance before us,
And love spread out around us.
The first time we shared a bed,
We made pure and fulfilling love.
Love that linked us together,
In spirit and in emotion.
We loved, and loved, and loved some more.
I became you and you became me.
You said you saw heaven,
While I felt a goddess presence.

But now you are like a distant star,
Fading away every minute,
Increasingly out of my reach.
We are losing each other.
And the pain is sharp swords,
Driving through our hearts.
I cannot hold on anymore,
And neither can you.
Now we must let go,
Before we both explode in pain.
So long my lovely one.



We all have these small things that do make us smile all the time. Have you ever sat on a chair and you remember something, then you find yourself smiling alone in the room ?

It’s a good to thing to smile by the way. Some people rarely smile and the reason they give is that there is nothing to smile about. Sometimes things are not going right in their lives that’s why, but try to give them some hope and tell them there are still other things to smile about. Just because they are in difficult times  doesn’t mean that they cannot be happy. They are still breathing right? They can still walk on their two legs and work with their two hands. Every part of their body is functioning and that’s enough reason to be thankful and it should put a smile on their faces.

I was told if you keep smiling your life span increases. I haven’t proven this theory though but somehow I agree with it. If you are too moody , you will eventually be stressful and might die of stress.  Smile for life, smile for your family and those you love and lastly smile to everyone even if you don’t mean to.

Just like some memories are too sweet to be moody about. Memories full of fun, good wishes, love, happiness, achievements and not forgetting childhood memories.  We keep smiling about these things even when at the present moment we are filled with grief . Such memories light up our day with a big smile that give us courage and strength  to do the impossible.

So keep smiling it will make you feel better even in difficult times. I would also love to know what makes you smile. 
Oh , It’s my birthday by the way so am all smiles.

Slip up

In our day today activities  we tend to make a lot of mistakes as times go by. Sometimes it could be as a result of pressure or  ignorance but we still make them anyway.

You don’t have to look back at the mistakes you made earlier in life, just forge ahead. They are just but a  stepping stone. The more mistakes you make the better you become because you learn from them and adjust where necessary in order to achieve future success.

Some of these slip ups also make  you discover your capabilities and  who you truly  are . You could be doing what is not  in your area of expertise so you go  through ups and downs and at the end of the day you come out successful. You become joyful and try to do more  than you did last time  and by repeating this you’ll become an expert in no time. That’s how  these mistakes shape people. Don’t just give up yet, try harder.

Blunders are forgivable if one has the courage to admit them. You must admit  first that you made them. In fact  it heals your soul when you admit  you made them especially if it was in a relationship or family. You get relieved and find peace  to make things better again. You forgive yourself and others will also forgive you. That’s how it works. After all,  mistakes are part of being human.

Even when you fail, don’t focus on your failure too much.  Of course  you cannot forget about it but if you keep dwelling on it , you will never make a move. If it’s  a business failure you should know why the business failed. Outline the possible reasons so as to avoid a repeat of  the same. You could start a new business or continue with the previous one  but with a different mindset this time. If you were giving too much products on credit to customers who don’t pay, you could avoid that . If your marketing strategy was not good enough, you could improve on it or if your customer relations wasn’t welcoming , do something about it. If  business  location was the problem you will have to move to a location where your target market is and this will make the business boom. By doing all these above, more profits will be realised and you will become very successful.

These set backs just make you grow. So take risks,make mistakes, learn from them and never give up because you think you have made many errors. Pick up yourself from that slumber and fight for a good course. The future is always bright.


Have you ever longed for someone?

Someone you wish to see everyday

Someone you would love to be with

 Someone you would share your problems with

Someone you would open your heart to

Someone you would protect any day anytime

But there is a challenge that limits you from achieving all these.

The challenge might be you or some difficult circumstances or even the person you long for

May be this person is poor in communication, making it difficult to understand him/her.

May be the person has a big ego that always scare you away 
Or may be you haven’t opened your heart to make her understand how you feel for her

Or may be you had a terrible argument that made things turn sour and no one is ready to start this conversation. 

Never mind, am here to sought you out, yes am here to help you that’s why am writing this for you

Just be bold and have some confidence  in you

Take a step and mend that broken heart

Communicate and make her understand you

Express yourself, loose yourself and feel free when around her

This will make it easy for you, even the weight of the pain in your heart will disappear.

After doing all these and the difference is the same, don’t give up.

Rome wasn’t build In a day so keep trying.

May be she just need some time , give her that.

She will soon come running to you and will long for you every second, every minute and every time you are away from her.


I was bored at home and decided to take a walk at the beach .  Behold the blue waters were there. I sat on the sand quietly and did my observation. Here is what I found out;

1.The ocean is very beautiful from far I must say but when you are close to it, it’s the most breathtaking view in the world. It absorbs your mind and you might feel scared. Some people have a phobia for oceans and can not even come close to it, I now understand why. They think they might drown when they are close so they watch from far. That’s how the ocean is,very scary.

2. There is no exact rhythm of the waves. Each wave have their own metronome. They are beautiful to watch even when one is not in the mood. But again, when the tides are high the waves become large in size which can be risky when swimming.

3. You can do a lot at the ocean from swimming, playing, working out or just sitting and relaxing.  People come from far to enjoy the sweet breeze, cool waters and some lone time here. When you are stressed or just bored take a stroll to the ocean if you are around and you will never regret it. Be assured that your troubles will be swept away and you will feel whole again. Your heavy heart will be soothed .

 4. You stare at the edge of the blue waters for long and you can not remember why you got lost wondering. Your mind wonders and for a moment you feel like you are in another world. The sound of the waters give you an inspiration. You feel at peace even when you are troubled. It has magic I swear.

5. The cool breeze that hit your face and the whole body. So relaxing I must say. You feel refreshed. It also has a smell, a very unique smell . You can do a lot of thinking while staring at the ocean. Ever wondered why the waters are always salty ? How about why the oceans are always blue?  I dropped Geography in school so I don’t have answers right now. 

Take a step today and have some fun at the ocean. You can also take your significant others or even family. When you are far from it you can always take a vacation . Try it once when you can not think straight, when you going through a tough moment,when lonely or just bored. It will heal your heart and  soul. You will go home as a different person trust me. 


It won’t last; it will be gone real quick

Am certain the pain won’t stick

You’ll be back on top in no time

I need to see you smile everytime

Just know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
When it hurts it’s okay to cry

Don’t worry just wipe your eye

Soon you will be okay

That’s how Mama used to say.
Just have a good bed rest

This will help you recover your strength

You’ll feel better again

I just wanted to write you this

To encourage you to be strong.

I know I can give you something

That will keep you happy and blushing

Something the doctor can’t give

Warm hugs and precious smiles

Get well and make my prayers come true.


I sat down wondering what to get my pens on this time then this topic popped in my mind and I could not let it go;campus love. I had to play my cards  well and here is my thought on the same.

When one is joining campus as a freshman,his/her mind is filled with big dreams and ambitions he/she would like to achieve at the end of their education. Most of these freshmen join when they are still virgins and look very innocent in most situations. As time goes they find themselves in the opposite direction of things done by their fellows and so they are filled with curious minds and would like to try out what their peers are doing.

I named this stage “Trial and Error”. This is when  they try doing everything they could not do at home because of their parents, now the freedom they have allows them to  . It feels good to them because this is the kind of life they wanted and could not get. Some start drinking like their friends so that they can fit in. They do not want to look primitive. They want to be modern. This is the time that virgins also break their virginity. After all they are not kids any more so they would say. I know of some who broke their virginity on their first week in campus and as a freshman and months later tested positive and they could not bring back the joy they had before. So sad because when one is drunk the thinking changes they can do anything at that time and that’s when they get  dragged into having sex. That’s what happened to my friends and to date they have a story to tell because they were also lured by friends and in return what did they get out of that? Hiv positive.

When in their sophomore years they are now mature enough to know what they want but again it’s never that easy. This is a dangerous stage. This is a “Perfection” stage. What they did as freshmen is now being perfected. They become confident and this is when they either fall in love with the right or wrong people. This is when they will break up with this person this week and in the next week he or she will be with someone else and life goes on. The ones who were too shy are not shy anymore. Here, the wardrobe also changes. They start dressing to kill and can not   mingle with people who are not of their calibre. Those who used to be in the Christian Union can not be seen there anymore, they have changed in everything even their attitude.

There is so much that happens to the lovers in this case. Those who live a double life as well. They have their campus lovers but also their Other lovers back at home or even those out of their age bracket, “sponsors” as they are called these days. You wonder why all these unnecessary lovers are needed anyway,but it’s not your life,it’s theirs as you will be told. Most people destroy their future here right in their faces. All these relationships become a burden to them so much that they cannot even concentrate in class. Here you are in class your campus lover wants to see you after classes,your lover from home  calls to say  hello and in a nanosecond your sponsor calls and says he wants’ to see you at that particular time. Your mind is blowing up and can not be in class so you leave. Your parents back  home know that you are in school studying but in real sense you are not. When you sit down and look deeply in your situations you realise that’s not who you want to be but again you are used to that lifestyle and you can not leave it behind. In most cases the ladies suffer more than  the men.

By the time you are tired of all these,it will be too late. May be you would be infected by STDs or even HIV who knows.

I know of ladies who aborted more than thrice in campus and they regret such decisions because they are married but can not have kids . Those who were madly in love with the wrong people also realized and had to break up before regretting. These hard decisions are sometimes good because they make you be the person you are and not the person you are not.

All in all there are also good relationships from campus in. Some serious people get their life partners from campus and decide to be together till death separates them,beautiful right? Some also end up in engagement.

All am saying is while in campus be in a healthy relationship you can be proud of some day. Even if you do not end up together but at least you will  have some experience in a healthy relationship. All the best and am wishing you happiness and a healthy relationship