A yacht Cruise Experience in Mtwapa, Kenya

Sometimes last month, I was tired and decided to do a new and exciting thing that I had never done before. I went yacht cruising at a nearby place and had lots of fun. You see, I live in Mombasa and as a resident I don’t enjoy the place as much as a stranger orContinue reading “A yacht Cruise Experience in Mtwapa, Kenya”

Day 30. One Thing I am Excited For.

Finally the challenge is over, why can’t I be excited? Of course I am. It has been a tough month but I thank God for this far. As we start a new month am looking for new opportunities and fresh challenges and I hope I will conquer them. The challenge kept me on toes untilContinue reading “Day 30. One Thing I am Excited For.”

Day 29. The night of my 21st Birthday.

There is nothing good about my 21st birthday, nothing at all as far as I can remember. It was during those tough moments that I was struggling to mend ways to integrate with everyone. I could smile at school but cry when am back home in my closet. I am one person who doesn’t fancyContinue reading “Day 29. The night of my 21st Birthday.”

Day 28. A Word/phrase that I use constantly.

This is easy. It happens when am referring to myself when sharing an idea or a story on a subject matter . I oftenly use the word, I . You’ll notice this because I like referring to my own version of the story, my own perspective and what I think of the matter at hand.Continue reading “Day 28. A Word/phrase that I use constantly.”