A Listening Ear.

Humans are very fragile beings on earth. Listening and understanding them can be the most valued treasure. It can be easy for them to confide in you.

The other day I was walking on the streets then decided to pass by some market place. I was checking for anything good to purchase then this young man was busy describing what he was selling. You know how men describe ladies outfits with names that are funny and can make you laugh or look at whatever they are selling,basically that’s their selling points.

So I was busy searching for the best choice then we started conversing. I don’t know how the conversation shifted quickly and before we knew it we had known each other and realized we come from the same place back in the village.

Two strangers meeting in the city but you end up knowing each other at the end of the day. Normally I don’t like conversations that revolve around home but on this particular day I got engaged fully.

The guy narrated how he was an orphan with his only surviving brother. All the relatives abandoned them when their parents died and they had to find a means to survive from a tender age. They don’t go back home because , to them, there is no home to go back to. They survived all the bad days and got courage and started mtumba busines (Selling second hand clothes).

They go to three markets each day and have to beat time to enable them work well. They start with the main market from 5:00am to around afternoon, in the evening they leave the main market and each goes to another market then by night they meet at the last market and close by 10pm. Hustling it is.

In less than 10 minutes, I had known more of him than he knew about me and we didnt know each other so I asked him his name,let’s call him Tom for now. He laughed hysterically since all along he had been pumping me with stories without knowing me.

I learnt a lot from that small exchange, be kind to others even when you don’t know them ,you never know. Someone could be your relative without you knowing and sometimes we should develop a listening ear to everybody irregardless of their status. There are people who wish they had those to talk to or just listen to them.