Happy New Year

I have been thinking lately of how beautiful and unrealistic concepts happen in our day today lives. Nothing is planned for and so we have to let everything be. Just let them unfold and live as if it is your last day. Take for instance the COVID-19 Pandemic. It happened at a time no one was expecting it. Life is not a rehearsal; you just live the way you want and that’s how people started copping.

Many people lost their jobs. We were very uncertain of how the next day would be. A bread winner of a family loses their job and all the dependents become stranded. They do not know where to start from and people who live from pay cheque to pay cheque got it rough. It was a terrible disaster. Some went for unpaid leaves; others were fired completely and yet others had to close down for a while. No one prepared us for 2020.

With all the uncertainties it carried, still it was a breakthrough year to some. Either one got promoted after others lost their jobs, or started a new business that did well, new clientele, new hobbies that were constructive, or even new projects. In every bad situation in our lives there is always light at the end of the day. Yes, I am a Christian and I believe that in Gods time, everything will happen for our good.

Masks became the order of the day and not to mention how expensive they were at first. They were so expensive that one was at crossroads whether to buy face masks or buy food. Take for example an average household whose source of income is little and have to struggle to make ends meet. Buying masks became so hard that people walked around with dirty masks and wondered why they had to go through such situations. At some point, the number of people wearing masks became less than those without. Let’s not start with the lockdown and curfew hours.

When I look back, I see people forging ahead. I see people picking themselves up, dusting their coats, wiping their tears and making more steps ahead. I can say I am proud of my generation at this point. Those who were laid back got up and rose to new levels. People started their own businesses and taking risks they had never imagined all in a day’s work and by the next day, they had profits to make. When I look back still, I see young people indulging in different opportunities, creating spaces so others may learn. The online meetings, interviews, conferences became possible and we appreciated technology. At first it was challenging but as we forged ahead it became more interesting. Technology is here to stay and my generation is in it and accepted the change.

The ceremonies became minimal. Others cancelled their weddings and still some hold theirs. This is to those who had their weddings in 2020.Congratulations to you all and I wish you nothing but the best in your marriages. To those who graduated in 2020, Congratulations and make that knowledge count outside here.  To those that lost their loved ones, receive my condolences. To those that cancelled big opportunities, weddings or any other important thing in their lives in 2020, May you reconsider it in 2021. It is my prayer that whatever we lost last year we should reclaim it this year and every loss we had; we should be prepared for big wins.

I wish you a fruitful year full of blessings, Abundance and prosperity.

Cheers to 2021.

Happy New Year!

With Love,


Published by Nicole Joan

I talk more with my pen. I love jogging my mind with writing. Creative writing, fiction and poetry are some of my therapy.

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