A yacht Cruise Experience in Mtwapa, Kenya

Sometimes last month, I was tired and decided to do a new and exciting thing that I had never done before. I went yacht cruising at a nearby place and had lots of fun. You see, I live in Mombasa and as a resident I don’t enjoy the place as much as a stranger or a tourist would enjoy and regard it. I once lived by the beach and didn’t go there for about two years even though my house was a 3 minutes’ walk to the beach. Strange right? But that’s just how I am. Sometimes, what make people enjoy life could be a nuisance to me and vice versa. Anyways back to my story.

So, I see this nice poster with a fantastic activity and tells myself why not? I dial the numbers and I’m told all the requirements and make it obvious that I don’t miss this activity. The day came and we went to Mtwapa where the cruising was to take place. Did I tell you that I was going there as a solo traveler? Oh my, I forgot. Don’t mind me. I was going there solo. I remember the guy on the phone on the day of inquiry asked me,

Him: So how many are you?

Me: Myself only.

Him: Okay, welcome.

I laughed after the conversation and thought, oh! so was I supposed to go with others. I am the kind of person that will pack their bags, do research here and there and off I go to unknown place and find fun there. I’ll make friends when I reach my destination, come on.

Anyway, so I have my google map on, but the place seems unfamiliar to most residents. You see places that are known to everyone with some names, then when you ask people about that exact place with their actual names, they give you a sorry look? Yes, that’s what happened. With my google map, I decided to risk it whether the unnamed road existed or not. The problem with maps is, sometimes they can mislead you to impassable roads. Story for another day.

I finally reach my destination and say my pleasantries to the people there and because I love nature, I presume it’s the time to flaunt my camera on and bingo, off I went with snap after snap.

The photos were so magical I couldn’t wait to share them on my socials one after the other.

I am not afraid of large waters so I found it exciting to be cruising in it reluctantly. Some people were so afraid especially because of the waves, but after a few rounds, their fears went away. An important lesson there, face your fears. And on that note, I would love to test my adrenaline sometimes soon. I always see people doing exciting things with their money, things I wouldn’t do with my own money. No, my money cannot kill me. But because I love fun and always follow fun where it can be found, I must try something exciting.

We had fun, exchanged a few contacts, made friends and we called it a day. I realized that sometimes you don’t have to travel to a different country for fun when you can find the same in your own country, to be precise a nearby county. So, I will be doing exciting things and share with you guys. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did on the actual cruise day. The place is called Big Fish Mtwapa in Kilifi county. Also, if you want to experience the same you can contact me and we can make it happen.

Cheers and it’s been long since I wrote something. I hope you are still keeping safe.


Photos: Joan Nicole

Published by Nicole Joan

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