Day 30. One Thing I am Excited For.

Tokeo la picha la excited

Finally the challenge is over, why can’t I be excited? Of course I am. It has been a tough month but I thank God for this far.

As we start a new month am looking for new opportunities and fresh challenges and I hope I will conquer them. The challenge kept me on toes until I lost my phone. I am excited because during this challenge I shard my personal life in details something I can’t share verbally with random people. This platform offers the space to share your feelings and as you punch in the keys you feed in all the emotions and let go of all that you’ve been keeping inside you. I got relieved after sharing every part of my personal life and for once, I am feeling good about it. Anyone who doesn’t know me in person can drop here and read all about me in one sitting. That’s why we write, not for others but for ourselves. When I am sad I write, when happy I write.

I want to capture all the beautiful and the sad moments in the earth and live fully knowing that this is a magical and wonderful place. It was also during this challenge that I learnt so many things . I always say learning is a continuous process. You don’t have to sit in class in order to learn. You can learn from anywhere provided you have the right attitude to do so. Sometimes I had to research well in my topic and as you dig down on research you learn as well. Things I didn’t know or those that I thought didn’t matter, I found it hard to believe that I had to write about them. I have 100% honesty in the posts that required something personal. Being honest about yourself and your story can be so good and one feels satisfied after such tasks. I always felt good about myself after writing about my personal life and I am excited about that.

To my challenger, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my stories throughout the month. I am looking forward to the next challenge not personal though. This was a tough one and it has been 30 days of hell fire for me but thank God I managed to complete it. It’s been wonderful writing regularly and I don’t know if i’ll keep up with this consistency but never mind, there is always a way.

Lastly ,to my wonderful readers, thank you for always reading and getting to know me better. I remember one time when I was still new around here, a writer asked me to write about myself so that other writers and readers could know the person behind the blog well and I promised to do that but sill couldn’t get enough words to describe myself in the ABOUT ME Page. So here is an answer to her, if she reads the 30 day challenge she will get all her answers. Back to you again, thank you for being there for me during this month and I won’t forget about your feedback. They kept me going and physically I met guys who could talk about what they read in my blog and how they relate with them . Even though they don’t comment , they are among those who just read and reflect. That’s special you know, they just read. You won’t find a trace of their readership e.g a comment or a like but when you meet them, they tell you that they’ve been reading everyday and are up to date with the latest posts. Oh! and the friends that could tell me to share my links with them on the Dm, you are loved. Receive warm hugs from me even though I can’t reach you now because am not in whats-app, I know you’ll get to read this somehow .I appreciate all those who read daily, those who encouraged me to keep on, those who liked, those who followed and your honest comments, God bless you. During this time I also got new readers and new followers, thank you so much for hitting that follow button. It means a lot to me and you’ll never regret it.

As we start a new month tomorrow , I wish you all the best in whatever you are doing. We will be having a holiday here so no work tomorrow. I’ll just be lazing around.

Thank you so much guys , God bless you and have a wonderful month ahead.

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