Day 17. A Quote I try to live by.

Hello guys, it’s been a while since I last posted and especially on my blog challenge. I lost my phone !!! It’s been very hard to continue with my updates because I always use my phone to do so, that’s why I’ve been away for a while but don’t worry i’ll update them as fast as I can and I must finish the challenge with or without the phone.

Wish me luck .

Everyone has that quote they live by and of course I can’t miss one . I have several of them but there is one I like most by SHAKESPEARE as it speaks for all.

It says;

I always feel happy. You know why?

Because I don’t expect anything from anyone.

Expectations always hurt.

Life is short.

So love your life.

Be happy, and keep smiling. Just live for yourself and :

Before you speak, listen.

Before you write, think.

Before you spend, earn .

Before you pray forgive.

Before you hate, love .

Before you hurt, feel.

Before you quit ,try.

Before you die, live.

Day 16. Bullet your entire Day

Tuesday, 16th April 2019.

This is interesting.

  • Woke up late since I had a long journey yesterday.
  • Showered.
  • Did the utensils.
  • Prepared breakfast.
  • Did some research online.
  • Took breakfast .
  • Checked my social media sites.
  • Paid bills here and there.
  • Made some phone calls.
  • Cleaned the house.
  • Surfed on my phone.
  • Skipped lunch.
  • Prepared for an activity happening tomorrow.
  • Checked for messages and replied them.
  • Went to buy food for supper.
  • Prepared it slowly.
  • Tuned the television on to follow soap opera as I ate.
  • Am still tuned to the television waiting to retire to bed later .

Day 15. Three pet peeves

Pet peeves are those little annoyances that get under our skin and we just can’t ignore, no matter how hard we try.

We all have different pet peeves though some are common.
A lot irritates me but I’ve been asked to talk about three only during this challenge.

  1. People who phone talk while their mouth is full. I hate this habit so much. It irritates me when someone has to talk with so much food in their mouths. I can’t handle it.
  2. Noisy eaters.

These category of people chew food with all their energy. Whenever I hear a sound from someone’s eating, I tend to move away from them. The worst thing that can happen is when we share the same table . I may just pretend that am okay but deep down I feel very disgusted.

3. People who talk loudly on the phone.

These ones are even worse . They don’t care whether they are in public or their houses. The difference is the same to them. No privacy at all. If perhaps you are in the same place with them for a while, you’ll know most things about them as they put everything out there for everyone to hear. So annoying.

What are your pet peeves?

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Day 14. My life in 7 Years

It is scientifically proven that our bodies and minds change every 7 years. Seven years ago I was very naive and full of childish behaviour not knowing what was expected of me but today, I am a different person because as the years go by , you realise that you have a lot in your hands and have to catch up with time to make them come true.

I was stil primitive and hadn’t been introduced to the city culture. Okay I schooled in a small town but when I finished I moved to the city and found it very difficult to adapt to the way of life there. First, Swahili is our national language and it’s taught in schools. I knew Swahili well and scored high grades in school but when I moved to this new city ;Mombasa, I felt like the Swahili I knew was fake and made no sense. I couldn’t understand anything when someone talks to me. People were using so many slangs that were new to me and I couldn’t get them so I resolved to stay indoors and learn every single slang from my cousins who were brought up in the city.

I learnt the slang language as I prepared to go to campus . I can remember telling my mum to take me to campus on the first day of reporting but she declined saying that I was becoming an adult and had to be responsible. You can imagine how I felt . I had to be brave since I was too excited I had no problem with that. I braced myself and off I went for it. I found other students doing the same alone and felt good . Those who came with parents looked so embarrassed and ashamed because they were very few and only directions were needed to move from one place to the other. I have never been so grateful for my mum declining. I wonder how I could have been looked down upon shamelessly. That was then.

Oh and I remember an Ex teaching me things I didn’t know of my own body. He could tell when you are about to have your menses because of a pimple showing in your face just to mention a few. He amazed me. I didn’t even know such things. He taught me so many other things I can’t mention them unless otherwise, God bless him.

While in campus I joined various organisations with the aim of traveling. You know when you are in a club you travel most of the time and since I wasn’t very familiar with so many places in this city, I had to look for any clean means possible. I joined one of the humanitarian organisations in the country through a club and this helped me understand diversity. Every other time we could be visiting an orphanage here, sharing meals there, hiking somewhere, running or walking for a good course and so much more. It opened many doors for me and I got so many endorsements. The motive of joining had been forgotten and I just wanted to help in alleviating human suffering.
I am still in the organization 4 years later.

I can proudly say that in seven years, I have equipped myself with knowledge of what is wrong and what is right in different contexts.
I have learnt to trust my instincts always and not to think twice about it.
I have learnt to do that which satisfies my heart and soul.
I have learnt to be grateful in whatever little I have as someone else could be in need of what I take for granted
I am no longer naive and no one can take advantage of me.
I have also become addicted to books since they teach me more of what life holds for us.
I have become a strong defender of human rights. I cannot stand an injustice taking place in my vicinity.
I speak for those who are not able to speak for themselves. Those who have so much happening in their lives but fear talking , I speak on their behalf .
In these years no one can intimidate me since I am now well learned .
I have known my strengths and weaknesses .
I have read people’s stories those that inspired me still dwells in my heart.

In seven years, I have worked towards becoming a better version of myself. I am still here, doing the best I can to change all the narratives you are used to .I am trying to be an example to my younger siblings. I don’t want them to go through the pain I underwent. Everytime I speak to them and narrate to them how I survived some difficult times , they laugh but I know deep down , the message always has to reach home.

Above all, I have grown and developed physically, mentally and spiritually.

Day 13. My commute to and from work

I use different modes of transport to get to work.
When I am late, I use motorcycle to help me reach the ferry in time. I have to wait for a ferry that is ready to cross to the other side of the ocean and get in . On alighting from the ferry I have to catch a Matatu (Public service Vehicle) that will take me to my work place.

In the evening, I walk from the office to a Matatu stage and catch one to the ferry, cross with it to the other side and when I am tired, I’ll use a motorcycle or a tuktuk to take me home. When I am not tired I have to walk through the distance. It isn’t long about 25 minutes on foot .

I use these modes everyday. It’s my daily routine. On days when I am up early and feeling very energetic, I walk from home to ferry and in the evening after crossing the ferry, I walk home.
Infact ,people say that we do a lot of exercise at the ferry that it becomes like our gym remedy. The reason is because when the ferry docks, people alight on their toes and if you are not careful you can be knocked down. This happens everytime and sometimes you have to run to catch a ferry that is almost going on the other side lest you remain and that means you will be late.

On a good day a ferry takes 15-20 minutes to dock on the other side. On a bad day and this includes when it rains or when the ferries operating are few, or they are technically unfit, it can take you 1-2 hrs to cross. It is that serious and am used to it.
It takes a lot of planning for you not to get late . One has to wake up early and be ready in time just in case the ferries delay, you still have some couple of minutes to spend.

This is how I commute to work.

Day 12. Words/Phrases That make me Laugh

Laughing is a remedy to stress so I make it a habit to laugh when I can. There’s a phrase I read from We need new names by Noviolet Bulawayo that made me laugh because I found it funny but true.

” The problem with English is this: You usually can’t open your mouth and it comes out just like that–first you have to think what you want to say. Then you have to find the words. Then you have to carefully arrange those words in your head. Then you have to say the words quietly to yourself, to make sure you got them okay. And finally, the last step, which is to say the words out loud and have them sound just right.
But then because you have to do all this, when you get to the final step, something strange has happened to you and you speak the way a drunk walks. And, because you are speaking like falling, it’s as if you are an idiot, when the truth is that it’s the language and the whole process that’s messed up.

And then the problem with those who speak only English is this: they don’t know how to listen; they are busy looking at your falling instead of paying attention to what you are saying”.

Everytime I read through this phrase I find myself laughing because sometimes I do this . I have to plan what to say in my head and arrange it well so that when I speak I make sense but what happens is that the words you arrange from the brain cell 1 and 2 don’t come out when you speak and you wonder why you thought about them in the first place .

Words from your own mouth can even frighten you.

Share phrases /words that make you laugh

Day 11. My current relationship

It feels good to know that you are loved and that someone somewhere cares for you. That feeling can make you do unexpected things because you are loved and you feel special.

I respect relationships a lot and do get scared when I am about to get into one. I don’t know why I get scared .
May be because I’ve gone through bitter heartbreaks before,

May be am not just ready to accept one,

May be I fear commitments ,

The fear of being jilted again,

The fear of losing a loved one,

The fear of acceptance,

or just may be the spirit to love died in me a long time ago.

I can’t understand or let’s say I haven’t been in a relationship for three years now and am keeping strong and this freedom and space has made me too tough to fall into the wrong relationship.
I have been single by choice because I felt that I couldn’t handle heartbreaks.

Besides, I don’t want to waste my time on relationship that won’t take me anywhere.
I’ve got an agenda with my life and I can’t waste it and am glad I know how to figure out jokers who want to waste people’s precious time in the name of love. We are not into that , sorry.

And who said that ladies cannot keep themselves and will follow men around just to feel like they are loved? If you are that kind of lady, I am sorry but you can’t force people to love you. It comes naturally .

Be a woman and stand up for yourself.

Be confident in your relationship if you have one and if not,

then Respect yourself.

Relationships are good but can get scary and toxic at some point. It’s at this stage that your love will be tested. If it’s true then it will stand the test of time, if not it will break as early as yesterday.

There is no perfect relationship, it is build from understanding each others strengths and weakness and developing it into your own way of perfection.

Hey, how are you doing?

Day 10. A Fruit I dislike and why

Fruits are very nutritious in our body system and should be taken daily .
I love fruits so much that I always take different types each day.

However, there’s this fruit known as Avocado that I don’t like at all. In fact I rarely buy it and incase I do, then maybe am taking it to someone . My dislike for Avocados started when I was in high school. During lunch hours, students could mix avocados in their food and made it look very awkward to me. At one time I used to love them especially in my primary school.
The avocado ritual on food was so rampant that I gave it a try one day. Later in the evening I became so sick and puked all over. I was down with a rambling stomach. I couldn’t take it and so I was taken to the hospital. The doctors said that it was an allergic reaction and I couldn’t even get it.
Since then , I don’t even get bothered when guys praise Avocados and how they love it on their food. I have never even tasted avocado juice in my entire life and don’t dream of trying either. That’s how much I dislike this fruit.

Day 9. My Feelings on Ageism.

Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age.

People mostly dwell on the old whenever ageism is mentioned.
No, it doesn’t affect the old only however, in most cases they have been neglected.

In our workplaces today ,some particular jobs are given to specific age group and if your age doesn’t fall under the one given in the job description, chances are you will not qualify for the job position however much capable you seem. This totally discourages people to apply for such jobs .

Sometimes top positions are preserved for old people because they tend to have a lot of experience. How about that young man or lady who also has a lot of experience and very much qualified but their ages cannot allow them to be absorbed? Where do they go then? Such cases leave the victims depressed , helpless and might feel useless when around productive people.

In our society today, the old are always seen as wise and very educative. I agree with that to some extent but also disagree with it . You find young people giving some pieces of advice to the general public but their words might not be taken seriously by the older people because they look too young to utter some things. They’ll debate that the young people haven’t tested life and don’t know what they are saying. Imagine such incidents.
The young generation will lose the morale to give civic education if need be to the old or even speak in certain forums.

In my country for instance, if you want to vie for any political seat, there are age groups in each political post and one’s age must be within the provided age limit lest they risk being nominated. The higher the political post, the higher the age bracket demands. That’s why it’s very difficult to find a younger president. How do you call someone in their 50’s young? Are they? But what can we do about it? Too sad.

They have also set aside some pension money to give when people retire. Most probably people retire at old age. What if this money could be set aside for vulnerable community? I will always blame and fight the system.

In short, I feel that people should not be judged by their ages. There are young people who are mature in mind as compared to the old people. Age cannot be equated to wisdom . There are some old people who have no brains at all sorry to say but that’s just how I feel. People should not be discriminated based on their age whether young or old they are capable of any task in their own capacities.

Day 8. A book I loved and one I didn’t.

I am a lover of books and I love authors who make me want to read more of their books. I still can’t figure out which book I didn’t like but if there is ,then I’ve forgotten their names because they might have been so boring for me not to remember their titles.
One such author I love is J.K Rowling.
Her books can make you want to read more and more. I read her book series one after the other and loved them all. Let me give a brief summary on each .

  • The Cockoo’s calling.

I first read this book after a friend of mine introduced me to the author and kept saying her books are good. That motivated me you know.

The book starts on a sad note as a well known beautiful model is murdered in cold blood. Everyone says it’s suicide the police included. We get introduced to our main character Cormoran Strike who is a detective . He used to be a soldier in Afghanistan until his leg was blown up and he became an amputee. He also has a temporary assistant whose name is Robin and helps him in the office as he tries to deal with different cases.
Together the two look for ways that might lead them to the truth after John , the model’s brother reached them as he thinks her sister did not commit suicide. They dig deep and deeper into the matter at hand from close friends to colleagues and family and at the end of it all , they win and get the murderer to be the same John who came to them. He murdered her in cold blood because of jealousy. He felt that he was not loved as much as her other siblings yet they were all adopted.
It’s a thrilling read as you keep going eager to know what will happen next.

  • Career of Evil

This takes a divergent turn as we get to know Cormoran Strike and Robin’s personal lives and history. Robin had been assaulted one time after school and this led to her leaving psychology degree unfinished. We are introduced to Cormoran’s childhood and how he grew up. Since they had won the models case, they became famous and some people are not happy with their work and one day they receive someone’s leg wrapped very well as a parcel. The book discussess several evil cases as this particular suspect keeps chopping people’s body parts and he enjoys doing it . He wanted Cormoran to be blamed and especially wanted to kill Robin. He goes following her day and night and on the fateful day he was caught, he tried murdering her but she succumbed to injuries and ended up in hospital .
This is scary but I loved reading it. The author makes you understand that it’s good to be safe and look around you every time you are somewhere. An enemy could be following you without your knowledge and may do an unexpected act to you , to your loved ones or those close to you.
Be on your watch .

  • The Silkworm.

Here we are introduced to a woman who reports that her husband has been missing for almost a week and his whereabouts are unknown but she suspect that he went to a writers party and give the name of the person who will pay the bill. Her husband is an author and he had finished writing a manuscript of the Silkworm when he disappeared. The two detectives again go questioning everyone , writers, family and colleagues. The body is found at a distant room in an awkward state. He dies just like one of the characters in his book dies at the end of the book. The murderer wanted us to believe that he killed himself but Cormoran Strike could not believe this and found the murderer at long last. This book helped me understand that as a writer there are publishers who might refuse to publish your work labeling it as shoddy until you get to limelight then everyone wants to publish your work. The author here suffered such as he was not a famous writer and had no favourites. He didn’t care about that and had other books that were doing just okay but not very well.

  • Lethal White.

This takes place after Cormoran Strike’s detective business has expanded. He has also hired other people to help them with work. A boy who seems sick walks to his office one day and tells him that he saw a girl being killed when he was young. Most of the characters here love horses and some know a lot about them. We are introduced to politicians and their day to day fake promises. We also learn of Activism and how politicians manipulate the masses and try buying one activist who happens to be tough and sticks to his objectives. Towards the end, we learn a shocking truth and that the young girl that the boy thought he saw was actually a horse who had been shot and was buried. The author makes us understand that sometimes the murderers are the people who look very innocent and unsuspected . They live within us ,in our families and we discuss with them every detail of our lives, the ongoing investigations and they get hints.

I love JK Rowling’s books and would recommend them any day. They deal with murder cases, criminals, lawyers, police officers and how they can be bought to deny justice and that it’s good to hire a detective to dig into matters for you as they will leave no stone unturned. These books changed the way I see things and to date if I go somewhere I ensure that I know how the place looks like very well, I make note of any small thing that can be a lead. If I enter a room I study it carefully and ensure I know everyone that lives there just in case something happens that needs datailed information.

Another author I love so much is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I have read all her books except The thing around your neck. It’s in my list so I’ll read it soon.

  • Half a yellow sun
  • Purple Hibiscus

This talks of how Africans move to America hoping to find a different kind of life only to be subjects of racism ,poor jobs, and a lot of suffering . They have to fake identities to get jobs and use different names at work place.

  • We should all be feminists

This suggests that both male and female should welcome the idea of feminism . Feminists are not just women alone.

  • Dear ijeawele

This one moved me to bits. It’s a letter written to Someone who wanted to raise a feminist child. Chimamanda writes to the mother and talks about teaching the child from a younger age not to differentiate between boys and girls as they play e.g guns are for boys and dolls are for girls . Instead she should teach her child that she can play with any kind of toy, play any kind of game and be proud of it.She also talks on gender neutral colours . She says that the theory that pink is for girls and blue is for boys is pure nonsense. She talks of how women change their names to the husband’s name after they get married and ask if men could do the same . Maybe the married couples should agree to use one name after they are married.
It was interesting and she also asks the woman not to pressure her daughter into marriage. Marriage cannot be taught or learnt. I loved the ideas in the book big time.

  • Yesterday I cried by Iyanla Vanzant is another book I loved. I have just finished reading it and oh my this book is deep. You remember the article I wrote about You. The old you and the new you. This book inspired me to write about that. It talks of how you need to cry for every past mistake you made, cry for the person you were yesterday and forgive yourself for it was not your fault that things happed the way they did. Learn to love yourself first before someone loves you.

I can write about books until you get bored so let me leave it here.
I have a list of so many books that I have loved and I can’t write about all of them . These are enough for today.

See you tomorrow.