For Mother

Forgive me Mother,

Forgive me for not believing in you when I should have,

Forgive me for not trusting your words,

Forgive me for thinking that you didn’t love me,

Forgive me for not understanding that you only showed love differently,

That all you ever did was to love and care for me,

 And protect me even.

Forgive me for all the harsh words I told you,

That made you cry even when you didn’t have to.

Forgive me for thinking otherwise.

Forgive me for my stubbornness,

Forgive me for my naivety,

Forgive me mother.

I now understand why you did the things you did,

I understand why you said the things you said,

 However, painful and heartful they were,

I know better now.

But, Still, Forgive me.

Dear Mother,

Forgive me.