It’s so sad how women or single ladies lie to their kids about their biological fathers.What they do not know is that someday the child will need the truth and it will surely come out whether they like it or not.

Most women tell their kids that their father died a long time ago when they know that is not the truth. I know of a lady who took her child to a cemetery and chose a random tomb to show her kid where the father was burried and in real sense the father was alive.

But why do women tell all these lies to the kids? The kids have a right to know their fathers its not your child’s fault it is your fault dont purnish your children.Even if the father is a nobody just tell them they will respect that.

Imagine in a scenario where you lie and the child someday comes to know the truth how will you explain yourself? The child will be very bitter and might even leave you to follow the dad after being with him or her for all those years.

My verdict,However difficult or embarrassing the situation in which the fathers might be , just tell your children the truth even if he is a mad man or a polygamous father just tell them and they will never bother you again unless they want explanations to what might have led to that.Your Children will be very much okay even if it hurts but atleast they know whom their father is.

Women lets not lie to our kids,they have a right to know their fathers after all what do you achieve in lying?Nothing at all so the truth will set you free. Free from being haunted by your childrens’ questions.