Day 25. Four weird traits I have

We are all weird in our own way. Weirdness make us unique. Some of my weird characteristics include:

  1. I can stay indoors for a very long time without getting out.Yes, I love being alone and I enjoy my space. I can be in the house and close myself inside that one could think am not around yet am just inside doing my own things. If I have books to read, then that could be more interesting as I can even go for a whole week without stepping outside.
  2. I feel guilty easily even when I haven’t done a mistake. I don’t know about you but am always guilty whenever someone commits a crime around me. I always feel terrified you could think I am the one in the wrong. I wonder why I always feel that way.
  3. I hate taking medicine. This is a very serious one. My hate for medicine started way too early. I rather get those needles on me than be given medicine. If I am seriously ill, I tend to take the tablets as soon as I get them but after a few days I put them aside and leave them for good. I’ve never completed a full dosage unless it has 3 tablets. More than that is a NO. I can’t just help it especially those large tablets, very scary .
  4. Insomniac . I can’t just get to bed early like a normal human being. The earliest I can retire to bed is at midnight. There are times I used to stay for a whole night without blinking an eye only to start sleeping at 6:00 Am. I wonder what was wrong with me at that time.

What are some of your weird traits?

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