Day 22. My Morning Routine.

My morning starts at 5:30 Am when the alarm calls. I switch it off then wake up. I don’t literally get out of bed though, I stay awake checking through my phone for any email, message or anything that needs quick feedback / attention. I pick a book am currently reading and read through a little bit to brainstorm.

After doing all that I make my bed neatly brush my teeth and start preparing breakfast. If there is much time left , I do some stretches and sit-ups . I then do the utensils, clean the house then take a shower .

When everything is set I prepare for work then take my breakfast quickly . Most of the time I skip it until 10:00 Am , but on serious days when I have to leave the house early I take breakfast at 7:00 Am. I then pray for a successful day ahead, thank God for waking me up in good health, thank him for giving me another day and basically commit everything into His Able hands then leave for work by 7:30 Am.

image : google .

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