Day 20. The first three songs that play in my music list .

Well, my phone is always my everything and now that I don’t have it let me just give you my random playlist.

I mostly listen to uplifting songs especially Gospel that preach to me.

Paul Clement: Jina la Yesu

This simply means the name of Jesus . The song praises the name of Jesus that there is no other name like His in Earth and even in Heaven. It’s a deep and inspiring worship song. Besides, this worshiper also have some of the best Swahili worship songs. You can check them on YouTube.

Tokeo la picha la songs

You made away by Travis Greene

This explains itself that we are here only because God made a way for us. I love his songs because they speak to the heart.

Umejua kunifurahisha by Joel Lwaga

This translates to ”you know how to make me happy”. Basically the song is praising God of his nature of knowing how to make us happy as individuals. He wipes my tears so I will praise him to eternity.

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