Day 19. Five Fears that I have

There are things I tend to be afraid of. Even hearing the name scares the hell out of me. They include;

Tokeo la picha la fear
  1. Nyctophobia/Fear of Darkness. I am so afraid of darkness that I always sleep with lights on and am very much comfortable with it. In cases where I am not alone and I sleep where other people are, I am always the last to sleep as I survey my surrounding. I check for every space one can escape from in case of danger. The reason is because as a teenager I experienced robbery at night in our house alone with my siblings and mum. It was a terrifying moment that I never want a repeat of the same. When I go back to the village and night finds me on the way, I always fear the unknown. In fact I don’t even walk properly as I will be checking everywhere as I walk , in front of me, behind me, sideways and my heart beats faster than usual. I just fear darkness.
  2. Thanatophobia/ Fear of Death. oh ! man! I fear death seriously. I know very well that we all have to die someday but still I cant even discuss death in a normal way. Whenever I get news that someone I know has passed on, the shivers it brings on me are outrageous. It eats me up, dries my skin to the last bit and leaves me restless for a very long time.
  3. Gephyrophobi/Fear of Bridges. I rather pass a bridge by a vehicle or something of the sort but not on foot. It takes me time to get used to crossing a bridge. Even crossing the smallest bridge scares me like the ones in my village, people just put a log there and expects you to cross over seeing the river flowing. My goodness! I once went back to where I came from after finding a big log on the river acting as a bridge. The fear came in as a result of a bad experience. As a little girl, I went to visit my aunt who had twin babies and lived near a lake. I had never passed through the nearby bridge on foot. I always did using a motorbike or a vehicle. So onetime, the kids get sick and she tells me to take her to the hospital . The hospital was just 10 minutes away so we decided to go on foot one baby with her, another with me. When we reached the bridge, a bus was passing by with full speed , it shook the bridge so hard that for a moment I thought I had drowned with the baby, I stood still as my mind reflected on what had happened. I was shaking all over my body and my aunt had to take a taxi to and from the hospital. From that day she didn’t allow me to walk over that bridge again and to date I still see myself in that bridge holding on to the baby tightly in my hands.
  4. Acrophobia/Fear of Heights. I can’t risk my life falling from the highest end. No way. I love it when I watch them in movies, people jumping from a high distance and getting to their destination but I can’t risk it at all even if I were capable. I even fear swinging in merry go round. In fact I close my eyes to avoid seeing how far I am from the ground.
  5. Philophobia/ Fear of Love. If you’ve been reading my blog since I started the challenge, then you are aware of my fear of love and affection. I am scared of falling in love because I don’t want commitments. I fear emotions. Emotions carry you away and sometimes you cant think straight when you are in love. You don’t listen to the obvious you just think of your love and that’s it, nothing else.

What are you afraid of?

13 thoughts on “Day 19. Five Fears that I have

      1. Fear of your child being sick and hospitalized… Fear of them not growing into responsible adults… Fear of strangers for their innocense (this was less so living in the deep south and a small town in the U.S.) My children are adults now, and my daughter has a daughter, so now I just pray safety for them. The list could grow exponentially, but you get the point…

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  1. Interesting post, do you just come up with the titles yourself? I’m scared of heights big time. But at the same time, I’m willing to push my limits in that department. Scared of tight places, yikes. I don’t do elevators. Can I use this title for a post? God Bless

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    1. Thanks for sharing. I was given a 30 day writing challenge so all these posts with numbers are in that challenge .I just have to follow what it says. The titles are the way they appear here . And yes, you are free to use the title as you please.


    2. Thanks for sharing. I was given a 30 day writing challenge so all these posts with numbers are in that challenge .I just have to follow what it says. The titles are the way they appear. And yes, you are free to use the title as you please.

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