Rape Culture

I am saddened by the increasing number of rape cases in this century. I thought rape was a forgone case but it seems I was wrong. It is happening and that’s the reality. 

In fact our men are also victims. It is not women /girls  only. Men and boys get raped too. Yes but they fear  talking about it leave alone reporting. Some get sodomized but they rather remain silent than report to the authorities. Gone are the days when the authorities took such cases seriously but today’s police are doomed. Instead of helping you they add salt to your injuries. Take for instance a man who gets raped and takes a decision to go to the police and report the incident. Even with clear evidence the police will not take him seriously. Instead they will mock him and tell him to his face how weak he is that someone tries to rape him and he can’t defend himself. “Be a man” that’s the word they commonly use. Imagine the emotional and psychological torture the man will go through in his quest to  seek for justice. He will go home disappointed and can never trust the authorities again. That’s why the men go through such violations but no one will know about the incident from anywhere. It will be between them and their God. This is very bad and dangerous  because they can never forget that fateful day or night. It will be in their memories and they will live in fear . 

They need counseling to be able to continue with their lives and be assured of the future and not focus on the past. Counseling only comes when you’ve shared your story and seek help. Those who don’t seek help always try to forget about the incident but it keeps coming back . They tend to fear darkness and loneliness. They can’t be alone even for a moment because it will remind them of the past. That’s how sad it is. Counseling gives them the confidence and courage to be brave and face the world again with shoulders high and more focused. They need to first accept what happened to them even as they go through counselling. It will also help them seek for the  justice  they deserve.

On the ladies side, I wonder why people tend to think that the victim has to be blamed when she gets raped. Some people will say how she was dressing provocatively, she was drunk, she was at a dangerous place blah blah blah.. .. …

Come on you can’t justify rape with such things. No one has a right over your body whether you are walking naked , drunk or wherever you might be.  No one has a right to force you into sexual intercourse. Oh and rape does not happen to strangers only. Some people get raped in their own homes. There are husbands who rape their wives and vice versa or even boyfriends who take advantage of their girlfriends. In my country some say that they get drugged and later find themselves in awkward situations. It is also good to choose your friends and partners wisely. Not all are guardian angels. Some are beasts inside it’s only that it doesn’t show because the time is not ripe yet. 

However the case , never justify and glorify rape. Today it is happening to a stranger, tomorrow it might happen to you, your friend, neighbour or worst still a close  relative. It will be very sad for you and that’s when you’ll realize how hard it is to have a rape victim who happens to be close to you. 

When you can, help them. The most difficult challenge  is finding the perpetrators. Some may be known to them but in situations where the  incident happens when one is not sobre,  it becomes difficult to locate and find the perpetrators. They walk freely in our day to day lives as if they’ve never done such terrible acts to others. They should not be bailed out when cought. They should just rot in jail but good riddance to the power of money nowdays. Money is the root of all evil so they say, I conquer. With money justice is denied to those who seek it.  It manipulates everything. That’s why rape cases cannot end. 

I wonder why no one follows the law these days. If only I was in charge of the authorities, by now we would be very afraid to mention even the word rape around or a perpetrator.

Rape is rape, there is no justification to it.

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Published by Nicole Joan

I talk more with my pen. I love jogging my mind with writing. Creative writing, fiction and poetry are some of my therapy.

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